5 Upcycled Planters to Grow Your Favorite Flowers

by Stacy Tornio

If you want a creative planter, then look around your house or a thrift store to see what you can find. By giving ordinary objects like boots or old baskets a second life, you’re creating inexpensive upcycled planters for your favorite flowers.

When you start looking for ideas for upcycled planters, pretty much anything is fair game. As long as you use good quality soil and add drainage, you should be all set. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but try coming up with your own as well. This is a great project for kids to dream up on their own or have it be a family activity.

Re-use a little teapot.

Teapots, old pans, and other old kitchen items can all make great upcycled planters. This teapot was the perfect centerpiece for a children’s picnic table.

Fill jars with succulents.

This project would make a great gift for family or friends. Take old jars and spray paint the outside. Once they are dry, line the bottom with pebbles or marbles (for drainage). Then use a good soil make for indoor plants and get small succulents from the houseplants section of your local garden center or home store.

Give new life to boots.

This pair of boots had a hole in them, so instead of tossing them my kids and I added flowers. They are really fun, and you can do this with old sneakers or even high heels, too.


It seems like baskets are one of those things we acquire and then we don’t know what to do with them. With this project, you can either leave the baskets as-is or you can spray paint them a bright color. Add flower (like these pansies) and you’re all set.

There’s a use for those flat basketballs!

Don’t toss a flat basketball or soccer ball. Instead, turn it into a planter. You can cut an opening, using scissors. Just be sure you don’t cut away too much because you still want it to hold its shape. Then add flowers.

Here’s another gardening project—create your own fingerprint flower pots.

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