Pumpkin Science Experiments to Put to the Test

by Stacy Tornio

They’re not just for carving. Grab some extra pumpkins this fall because they are great for hands-on learning. Sure, you can carve them and learn a lot about the seeds. But that’s not all you can do. These pumpkin science experiments are totally worth the mess. Here are some of our favorites to check out this fall.

Create a volcano from a pumpkin.

You can turn a pumpkin into a flowing volcano with this experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands. All you need is a small pumpkin cleaned out and ready to go. Then the experiment can begin. Baking soda and vinegar are the magic ingredients here. Get full instructions for how to do it and different variations right here. 

Make your own prediction as you watch candy pumpkins dissolve.

This experiment doesn’t use real pumpkins, but it still makes the list. It’s from Jennifer Findley—she’s a teacher who uses this to teach about the scientific method in her classroom. You can get a free worksheet and learn more about how to do this one on her website. Basically, you’ll need candy pumpkins and several different liquids. Everyone can make their own predictions and even suggestions as to what liquids to use.

Try the Skittles experiment in a pumpkin shape.

Have you heard of the Skittles experiment? It’s a cool way to see how colors can come together and form. This experiment from Active Littles is similar, but this time it’s in the shape of a pumpkin. Get the full step-by-step instructions on the Active Littles website.

Build a battery with a pumpkin.

This takes pumpkin science experiments to a new level. You can get all the genius instructions from STEAM Powered Family. You can use a pumpkin or a squash. With a little bit of work, you really can build your own working battery.

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