Go on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt with This List

by Stacy Tornio
Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - Hashtag Outside

You don’t have to travel far for a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Just head outside and go for a walk to see how many of these items you can spot. You can check things off the list just about anywhere you’re at, whether you go on a hunt in your own area or you go to another neighborhood. This would also be good to take with you on vacation—it’s a great way to discover a new area.

Want to make your own hunt?

The best person to create a really good scavenger hunt for your area is you! You’ll know your area best, so take a look at what’s around you, and then create a list of things to find from there. You could also try turning this hunt (either this one or one you create) into a game by challenging your friends or forming teams within your own family. You can set a time limit to see how many items you can get in or it could make a great photo challenge. Have everyone take pictures of the items along the way.

Get the neighborhood scavenger hunt.

If you want this hunt, you can download it on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a great site with educational materials for teachers and parents, and I love being part of it. Plus learn about my book, The Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

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