4 Nature Scavenger Hunts to Get Kids and Families Outside

by Hashtag Outside
nature scavenger hunts

Get a set of four nature scavenger hunts to enjoy with your little one. This bundle of scavenger hunts includes the following:

  • Backyard scavenger hunt
  • Bug scavenger hunt
  • Neighborhood scavenger hunt
  • Nature Walk scavenger hunt

All of these nature scavenger hunts have a set number of points listed that kids can earn along the way. Points range from one to three, with three being the most challenging. This makes these scavenger hunts perfect to turn into a game or challenge. You could even form teams to see who can earn the most points.

Once your kids get through these, encourage them to write their own scavenger hunt by reading the tips in this article.  It’s a great activity to encourage creativity in the backyard. It’s also a good way to explore because as kids start making their own list, it will naturally encourage them to look closer at the world around them.

This set of downloadable scavenger hunts are available below. All you have to do is print and go. You can also get these printables on Teachers Pay Teachers. With these nature scavenger hunts, kids will love getting the opportunity to go outside to explore. Plus, they can do them again and again. You never know what you’ll find in different areas or neighborhoods or even when you go on a trip.

If you’re looking for more outdoor ideas, check out these from a nature blogger and mama. With so many great things to discover outside, we hope these inspire you to get to go exploring.

Get the scavenger hunts below.

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