Make Your Own Nature Magnets with Flower and Nature Photos

by Stacy Tornio

I first saw marble magnets on Etsy, and I knew they’d make a perfect project. This is where the idea of nature magnets came from.

These make a great gift because you can use your own photos. Or use it as an excuse to go outside and take some pictures of nature. Then it makes it a nature-inspired gift at the same time. Here’s how I made these nature magnets.


  • Large clear marbles
  • Round hole punch
  • Mod Podge
  • Magnets
  • Sponge brush

1. Pick your pics.

Take your photo, paper, etc. and punch out your design with a large round punch. (I used roughly a 1-inch punch, but match the size with whatever marbles you can find.) As another tip, I had the photos I wanted to make into magnets printed out at my local Walgreens as wallet sizes. You can also do a little trial-and-error with printing them at home at a reduced size.

2. Glue on your photos for nature magnets.

Place the rounded design onto the flat side of your marble and then use a sponge brush to apply Mod Podge. After several layers, let it sit for a few hours to let it dry. (Be careful of any air bubbles that might form. Be sure to press down tightly.)

3. Add magnets.

After it has dried completely and you feel like it’s secure, use Mod Podge to apply your magnets. I left these to sit overnight and put a few heavy books on top for a secure hold. That’s it! Now your new magnets are ready to use or giveaway.

Your nature magnets are all set now. If you’re looking for other projects like these, try these flower pens. 

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