How to Make S’mores in Creative and Delicious New Ways

by Stacy Tornio

S’MORES! Graham cracker, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow…a classic for sure when it comes to how to make s’mores. But there are many other ways to make them, too.  We’ve taken this traditional favorite and provided it with a new twist. Actually with 12 new twists. Learn how to make s’mores in a new way.

1. Inside Out S’more

Same great ingredients, but try sticking the chocolate inside the marshmallow. This helps melts the chocolate a tad more than the layered approach.

2. Peanut Butter Cup S’more

Perhaps you’ve tried this version before. A simple exchange brings an added flavor.

3. How to Make S’mores with Fruit

Add a burst of fruit flavor. Banana and strawberry worked well.

4. M&Ms S’more

This works best as a variation on Inside Out S’mores. How many M&Ms will fit inside a marshmallow?

5. Pretzel S’more

Add some salty to your sweet.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly S’more

Smear some peanut butter on one graham cracker, jelly on another, and smash your marshmallow in between. Two childhood classics in one.

7. Nutella S’more

I’d add this ingredient to all of the other s’mores!

8. Powdered Doughnut S’more

I remember trying to roast these over the campfire when I was younger. I don’t recommend it. But adding a roasted marshmallow instead is a bonus.

9. Oreo S’more

Marshmallow is like a quadruple stuffed Oreo.

10. Chocolate Chip S’more

Even if you are out of chocolate bars, I bet you have some chocolate chips on hands

11. How to Make S’mores with Cookie Dough. 

Try replacing the graham cracker or the chocolate with cookie dough. You’ll be pleased with both variations.

12. Tropical S’more

Mango brings freshness to the treat. You could also add a layer of coconut.

Kick you summer off with traditional s’mores. Then mix it up a bit. Try some of these ideas, or better yet, make your own s’mores buffet at your next campfire!

Now that you know how to make s’mores in new ways, try to make ice cream in a new way, too. Here’s a basil ice cream recipe. 

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