Check Out This Easy Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe

by Stacy Tornio

Everyone should know how to make their own homemade bubble solution. I’ve tested this recipe against a standard store-bought brand, and I think it actually works better. Plus, anytime kids can be involved in making something as part of the outdoor activity, they’re automatically going to be more engaged. This is a great one to do just that. In fact, kids can pretty much make this recipe on their own.

After you make the homemade bubble solution, challenge yourself to find a few household items you can into a bubble wand.  When we went looking around the house and kitchen, we decided to try a spoon with slats, a jar ring, a straw for tiny bubbles, and even wire hanger to shape as your own bubble wand.

Another quick and easy way to make bubble wands is to use pipe cleaners. You can twist and turn these into any shape you want and even add handles. Overall, have fun and use your imagination with this project.

Here’s the homemade bubble solution we use at my house! Thanks to my son, Jack, and my nephew, Alex, for testing it out.

Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2  cup dish soap
  • 1/4 cup light Karo syrup

Mix all the ingredients really well. Then after you’re done, store in an air-tight container. The next time you get out your solution, you might need to add another drop of soap or two. But this really is an easy solution that can keep kids busy for hours.

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