Make Fingerprint Animals on a Flower Pot for a Great Gift

by Stacy Tornio

Fingerprint animals are cute mementos kids can give their parents. Plus when you put them on flower pots, they make amazing gifts for moms, grandmas, and pretty much anyone who has a garden. My kids made these awesome fingerprint animals on flower pots for me one year with the help of their talented aunt Maggie. This would make a great gift for a birthday, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or any other occasion. Here’s how to do it yourself!


  • Flower pots
  • Outdoor paint
  • Markers
  • Paper towel


1. Pick your pot.

First of all, make sure you flower pots are nice and clean. (I like the bright colors they used for this project.) You could use simple terra cotta pots for this or even paint them with an outdoor paint. (If you do paint it a base coat, be sure it’s completely dry before you start pressing those little fingerprints onto the pots.) 

2. Paint on your fingerprint animals.

Gently push fingers and thumbs into an outdoor paint. Gently press onto a paper towel so the paint isn’t saturated on the pot. Then gently and firmly, press the fingerprint or thumbprint onto the garden pot.

3. Give the prints time to dry.

Once dry, use a permanent marker to make little animals from the thumbprints and fingerprints. You can see spiders and caterpillars on here, but be creative and see what other designs you can come up with.

4. Personalize!

Finally, add a special note or letting to finish decorating your pot. Then stash it away until it’s gift time! The gardener in your life will really love this because it has a personal touch!

Do you love this project idea? Look for more handmade gift ideas in this article. 

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