Try the Egg and Soda Science Fair Experiment

by Hashtag Outside

The egg and soda science fair experiment is a great hands-on learning opportunity to teach kids about tooth decay and the importance of brushing your teeth. It uses boiled eggs and soda as a way to show how easy it is for sugar to stain teeth. Kids will be surprised to see just how dirty the egg can get in a few short days. It will offer a good reminder for them to take good care of their entire body, including their teeth.

This experiment will touch on key science concepts like:

  • What is a mineral?
  • How sugar impacts your body
  • Understanding acids and bases
  • Tooth decay
  • Personal hygiene

This is a great hands-on learning opportunity for kids to do at home. It also makes a perfect science fair experiment. The kit has 12 pages, including worksheets, step-by-step instructions for the experiment, and science fair board labels.

This is part of the science fair experiments available through Hashtag Outside. You can buy the full kit below or through Teachers Pay Teachers. It even comes with a bonus poster: Think Like a Proton! Be Positive.

Get the egg and soda science fair experiment below.

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