12 Easy DIY Gifts for Friends—They’ll Love You!

by Tina Lanae

Take your idea of easy DIY gifts for friends to the next level with these great ideas from handmade geniuses. I love receiving handmade myself, and so this year, I’m pledging to give more DIY gifts, too. To get ready, I went to the Pinterest board I keep throughout the year of easy DIY gifts for friends, and so I pulled together some of my favorites. I hope you make great memories giving the gift of handmade this year.

1. Give the gift of FIRE!


Via: Something Turquoise 

Relaxing by the fire tops my list of favorite ways to wind down after a long day during the winter months. What a better way to help your friends and family do the same by gifting them these eco fire starters. They are easy to keep, much smaller than fire starter logs and they can simultaneously provide aromatherapy. Give your friends and family the gift of relaxation by the fire, and make sure you customize it to include their favorite scents! Get tips on how to make these from Something Turquoise

2. Give easy DIY gifts for friends through plants.


Plants are always a good gift idea, and these succulents in a jar are adorable. They’re low-maintenance, too! Pick up succulents in the houseplants section of your nearest garden center, and don’t forget to include good drainage. Get more ideas for jar gifts from DIY Projects.

3. Give the gift of flavor. 


Via: Spray Paint and Chardonnay 

How can you not smile when you see these gorgeous planters! We all have cans we can repurpose, and who doesn’t want to use some rose gold spray paint! The passionate cook in your life will not only love having these on display in their kitchen, but they will be adding more love to their dishes by using their own herb garden thanks to you.  This is the gift that keeps on giving. (Love Spray Paint and Chardonnay; thanks for the inspiration.) 

4. Give the gift of memories. 


Via: One Little Project 

These customized rocks have been transformed into the cutest photo holders. Not only is this gift great for almost any friend or family member, but the little people in your life will love helping you make these. You can teach the importance of creating memories in life by helping to share memories with others! They’re very inexpensive to make, and you can tailor them for that special person in your life.  Want to make it even more special?  Go ahead and give them a picture you know they would love!

5. Give the gift of games. 


Via: Chicken Scratch NY 

Doesn’t this gift just shout FUN! Your friends and family will be lining up to play this game at your next family event! This gift is easy to make, and you will spend more time playing it than making it. You can make a regular board, or try cute designs like this one here. Make sure you take lots of pictures to display in your rock photo holders from earlier!

6. Give easy DIY gifts for friends with the gift of scent!


Via: The Yummy Life 

These infused simmering waters are not only aesthetic, but they will fill your house with the fragrances of spices, fruits and herbs! All you have to do is gather your favorite ingredients/scents and start simmering. If you’re not sure what combinations would work best, don’t worry. There are many recipes listed that you are able to choose. My favorite things about this gift is they will cost you barely anything, and they can be made in just a short time. You can also throw a floating candle on top for some added glow. Now get to simmering!

7. Give the gift of peace.  


Via: You Grow Girl 

Smudge sticks (whether being used for its true purpose or used to simply look beautiful on your sideboard) are a great gift idea for your spiritual friends and family. They can serve the purpose of being both beautiful as well as being used for cleansing. You can make your own while adding some beautiful foliage to catch the eye. Get the best tips for making these from You Grow Girl

8. Give the gift of gold. 


Via: Life Over Easy 

What a great gift for the home decorator in your life! For the person who loves gold in your life, this is for them. And once again, we get to spray paint.  (Can we make a career out of spray painting?!)  These are almost free to make as long as you have access to some cut wood (or can cut it yourself), and you can find tealights at Dollar Tree!  

9. Give the gift of CHALK!


Via: Shanty 2 Chic 

This serving tray would be adored by the hostess in your life. It’s very easy to make with just a few supplies, and it definitely could be used for more than a fruit and cheese tray.  he options are endless, but don’t stop there! Feel free to be creative, and use your leftover chalk paint on old plates, extra wood, sections of a wall, etc. Get the full step-by-step instructions from Shanty 2 Chic

10. Give the gift of beauty. 


Via: Pistils Nursery 

How gorgeous is this! My favorite things about this gift are the simplicity and the beauty of it. You can never go wrong by using flowers. Do you know how to make this gift even more sentimental….use flowers that were already gifted and already have a special meaning to that person. They can look at them everyday, and you can give them the gift of a smile! Get the info on how to do this at Pistils Nursery

11. Give easy DIY gifts for friends with the gift of personalization. 


Via: Handmade Charlotte 

This is a wonderful gift idea that is super easy, and you can keep the little people busy for hours! All you need are sticks (yet another adventure walk) and string…lots and lots of string. Have the kids make them all different colors. You can even hang them on your tree. A lot of my friends have wreaths that they keep on their front door year round, and I think these would add that perfect touch of both nature and color. Don’t want to use it on a wreath or a tree? How about spelling your kids name and hanging on their bedroom wall?! The possibilities are endless with this gift. I think I’m going to use some of these on my Christmas wrapping this year!  

12. Give the gift of RELAXATION.


Via: The Merry Thought 

Although it might seem difficult, this is actually simple to craft, and check out the FRINGE! Oh I’m in love with the fringe! You can change this up in so many different ways from colored fringe to multicolored fringe to a patterned canvas. Don’t forget to throw in a cute pillow to top it off. You will have your friends and family relaxing in style. Get the full instructions from The Merry Thought
 Those are some of my favorite and easy DIY gifts for friends. They are great for the holidays or pretty much anytime of the year. I hope they inspire you to give more handmade.

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