7 Amazing Dragonfly Facts That Might Surprise You

by Stacy Tornio

If you take the time to watch the dragonflies, you’ll quickly notice they are amazing critters. How much do you really know about dragonflies though? Here are some little-known dragonfly facts from the book, The Secret Lives of Animals. 

1. Dragonflies and damselflies are totally different.

The damselfly is actually a completely different type of insect. The easiest way to tell them apart from dragonflies is that damselflies tend to rest with their wings folded behind their bodies, while dragonflies rest with theirs held out to the sides.

2. They are really old!

Dragonflies fossils date back more than 300 million years. In fact, some prehistoric dragonflies had wingspans of 2 feet. Imagine that flying around!

3. Dragonflies are amazing fliers and hunters.

They are always on the move, and they have to figure out how to fly and hunt at the same time. In fact, they combine the two really well, because they do all of their hunting while flying.

4. Lifespan can vary.

An adult dragonfly might live from just a couple of weeks to about a year.

5. They help control mosquitoes.

Adult dragonflies can eat one hundred or more mosquitoes a day, so next time you see a dragonfly be sure to thank it.

6. Dragonflies have amazing vision.

Their two compound eyes can practically see 360 degrees.

7. Some dragonflies migrate.

A few dragonflies, like green darners, will migrate each year. Have you seen any dragonflies migrating this fall?

How did you do on those dragonfly facts? Did you already know most of them? You can also check out cool bug facts in this article. 

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