Free Nature Scavenger Hunt

by Hashtag Outside

There’s always something to see when you go for a walk outside. In this nature scavenger hunt printable, you’ll have 20 different things to find, and they all have different point values. With a total of 40 points possible, it’s fun to see how many points you can rack up in one outing.

If you don’t get a ton of points on the first time out, don’t worry. Just go to another nature area to keep earning points. Another way to turn this scavenger hunt into a game is by splitting up into teams. Give each team a sheet, and then GO! See who can get the most points in a set amount of time.

Do this nature scavenger hunt printable again and again.

You can take this scavenger hunt along with you wherever you go. Or keep a copy on your phone or in the car. It’s fun to try this list different places just to compare what you find at each one. For instance, it might be really challenging to find a hawk at one location but really easy at another. If you’re looking for more outdoor scavenger hunt ideas, check out this great bundle. You can also find me and more of my work on Teachers Pay Teachers. Ready to download it?