Free Backyard Scavenger Hunt

by Stacy Tornio

You can have so many great adventures right in your own backyard. Whether you have a traditional backyard or not, this is a great excuse to go exploring wherever you live. This backyard scavenger hunt has 12 items total to look for, and there’s a total of 25 points you can earn.

All of these items are from the book, The Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts. This book has 42 scavenger hunts in different themes, and all also have a number of points you can earn for each one. For this backyard hunt, consider turning it into a fun challenge or even a team challenge to see how quickly you can cross all the things off your list.

Go discover your area with this backyard scavenger hunt.

You can take this scavenger hunt along with you wherever you go to try other backyards. Or keep a copy on your phone or in the car. It’s fun to try this list different places just to compare what you find at each one. If you’re looking for more outdoor scavenger hunt ideas, check out this great bundle. You can also find some scavenger hunts and other resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Ready to download it?

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