This Dog Scavenger Hunt is Perfect for Dog Lovers

by Stacy Tornio
Dog Scavenger Hunt

Love pups? This dog scavenger hunt is definitely for you! It’s filled with items on the list that you should be able to find with a walk around the neighborhood or a trip to the park. Between big dogs, little dogs, and everything in between, you’ll have so much fun looking for canine items.

Now make your own hunt using dogs or any other animal.

After you try out this scavenger hunt,  think about creating your own! You can make your own dog scavenger hunt by just observing dogs and dog-like things all around you. You can also create any other animal scavenger hunt. Take the ideas you see from this one, and keep growing and expanding it. Maybe you love cats and want to create a cat scavenger hunt. Perhaps you’re going to the park or zoo and want to create a hunt with animals you might see. What will you create?

Get the scavenger hunt.

If you want this hunt, you can download it on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a great site with educational materials for teachers and parents, and I love being part of it. Plus learn about my book, The Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts.

Dog Scavenger Hunt

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