4 Animal Scavenger Hunts Great for Any Animal Lover

by Hashtag Outside
animal scavenger hunts

Do you have a child in your life that likes animals? This set of animal scavenger hunts will be perfect for them. These digital, printable scavenger hunts are ready to use. Just print and go. You’ll find these four animal scavenger hunts in this bundle:

  • Dog scavenger hunt
  • Woodland critters scavenger hunt
  • Bug scavenger hunt
  • Bird scavenger hunt

Each scavenger hunt has a set number of points that you can earn when you find all the items. Points range from one to three with three being the hardest. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the points at once. You can keep going until you do, or just see how many you can get in one outing.

Part of any good scavenger hunt it talking about what you find along the way. While doing the bug hunt, you might want to check out this article about cool bug facts from Hashtag Outside. It’s filled with fun and random facts about animals that often get a bad reputation. You can also get more tips for going on a bug hunt from this article on Fatherly. Then for the others, ask your kids about what they see and what they know. You’ll likely even see something new, so use that as an excuse to learn about it.

Get the set of scavenger hunts.

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